On a successful path from textile to real estate sector, Amrita Chandhok, Partner

On a successful path from textile to real estate sector, Amrita Chandhok, Partner

Amrita Chandok, A graduate of Nottingham Trent University and the Indian Institute of Technology, where she specialized in fashion and marketing management, Amrita started her career as an administrative manager in the valuation sector at Reliant Surveyors in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With sheer determination and expertise, she quickly rose up the corporate ladder and achieved the prestigious title of Associate Director at Reliant Surveyors in 2020. During her tenure, she excelled in conducting appraisals for a wide range of commercial and residential properties, serving esteemed clients such as banks, government agencies and corporations.

Amrita’s commitment to excellence has seen her earn esteemed awards including Associate of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (AssocRICS) and RICS Registered Valuer. Fueled by a vision of innovation and expansion in the real estate domain, Amrita co-founded PNAAP PROPERTIES (now part of the Reliant Surveyors Group) in February 2021. This company aimed to offer comprehensive real estate services, ranging from buying, selling and renting real estate to strategic advice and valuation advice. She led a team of experienced RICS professionals, international agents and dedicated staff, bringing fresh and ingenious real estate solutions and advisory services to clients both within the UAE and abroad.

PNAAP Group (now Reliant Surveyors) Chairman Naresh Sharma lauded Amrita Chandhok’s expertise in real estate and recognized her vision that significantly expanded the agency’s real estate services, transforming it into a real estate powerhouse and strengthened their presence in the region.

Amrita Chandhok’s journey is a testament to her dedication, adaptability and relentless commitment to excellence. As she continues to make remarkable strides in the real estate world, her inspiring success story serves as a beacon of motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs across industries and borders.

Reliant Surveyors has been a major player in the consultancy sector over the past forty years. The company has since continued to expand its professional services as it diversifies beyond its traditional domain of appraisal and advisory services to real estate brokerage.

Amrita Chandok believes that Reliant Surveyors is a company driven by passion and holds together the values ​​of integrity, honesty, transparency, quality and professionalism. With a customer-centric approach, the company strives to deliver excellence and perfection in all aspects. Through sheer dedication, commitment, passion and commitment to work, Reliant Surveyors has enabled the company to grow exponentially across the Middle East, India and the United Kingdom.

During her interview with Khaleej Times post covid in 2021, she stated: “The resilience of the UAE economy post Covid-19 has attracted wealthy investors from all over the world and especially from India, Europe, England and America”. “This exponential growth of high-net-worth end-user buyers will continue and drive demand for luxury real estate from 2021 into next year,” she added.

For more information please visit www.reliantssurveyors.com | www.pnaap.com

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